Our purchasing solutions are designed to consolidate your supplier base – whether 200, 400 or 800. ‘One for all’ is our motto. We manage your C-processes in procurement, from the identification of demand to the final delivery. We get involved in the process at the point where your purchasing manager is no longer able to create resources. You benefit from lower costs, higher throughput and full transparency. All from a single supplier!

Our service portfolio at a glance:

Strategic purchasing

= Sourcing of complex requirements.

  • Tendering, negotiation and conclusion of framework agreements
  • Commodity management / commodity groups
  • Implementation of purchasing and sourcing strategies
  • Market / procurement analyses
  • Supplier development

Business Process Outsourcing (BPO):

Customers primarily outsource non-differentiating support processes to Matrium, so that they are free to concentrate on their main business (core processes). Successful BPO can increase efficiency and enhance business success. At the same time, process outsourcing enables operational risks to be transferred to the BPO service provider (Matrium). Our clients are then in a position to take strategic action without burdening themselves operationally, meaning they become leaner and more transparent.

Matrium achieves efficient cost optimisation with a low error rate by standardising its own core processes. If your own systems and processes are optimally utilised, this creates economies of scale, leading to significant cost advantages. A win-win situation results for the outsourcer and the service provider..

Tactical purchasing:

Tactical purchasing allows us to combine customer needs that are not covered by a framework agreement and only arise very sporadically. Our support to clients extends from the search for a suitable supplier through the subsequent selection process to the signing of the contract. Spot requirements and B-parts in particular often fall into this category.

Operational purchasing:

= Administrative procurement process (P2P)

  • Ordering
  • Deadline tracking
  • Complaint management
  • Archiving

Direct purchasing:

= Procurement of components, parts, materials and services for our customers’ products (so-called production requirements).

  • Standard parts
  • Drawing parts
  • Production-related services

Indirect purchasing:

= Procurement of general supplies and services for the operational infrastructure.

  • IT (hardware and software)
  • Operating & office equipment (back office equipment)
  • Facility management
  • Investments