With integral, innovative and industrywidely intelligent solutions we want to increase the creation of value and with that the competitiveness of our customers measurably. To think and act from the customer’s point of view, makes our company a valuable partner.
The continuous development of new technologies and intelligent logistics concepts our employees with their excellent training and high motivation form the basis for the success of our customers.
We promote expertise, commitment and corporate responsibility of each individual. Because only employees as a load-bearing part of an enterprise can make intelligent efficient logistics solutions and processes and make them utilizable for the customers. We commit ourselves to the “whole” beyond our task area and think supraregionally and interdisciplinarily.
We are conscious of the economic, ecological and social responsibility of our behavior. We are therefore committed, not only from the deepest conviction to a responsible corporate policy, we live it.
The Matrium SPIRITout of respect, loyalty and commitment to a common goal provides the basis for successful entrepreneurship. German Mittelstand”, this is our lived self-image, of which we are proud and moves us forward in the competition. Virtues like openness and reliability are the scale for our behaviour to the inside and to the outside. .

Our word is valid, our customers know this and trust us.

Operator concept:

Our logistical operator concepts are efficient, professional and demand-led.  Variants in the financing, the organizational functions sharing and operative responsibility allow an exact project planning. Matrium leads the logistics center, supports the introduction of processes and the selection and qualification of the employees and takes over, if desired, construction and financing.
A worry-free package that provides everything what is important for strong logistics.

On-Site Logistics:

If you already have everything you need, we come to you. We are fully prepared to take on the tasks on site with a qualified staff. Also in terms of the legal framework, we provide a perfect platform. You already experienced staff we are happy to integrate into a Matrium service team.

Multiuser warehouse:

Our multi-user warehouse” in various locations guarantee maximum efficiency. Thanks to standardized processes and uniform IT systems you can profit from tailor-made warehousing concepts.
This means that our warehousing services are an integral part of the supply chain. With a process design that considers specific requirements, we create for each of our partners the highest possible degree of efficiency. Our ultimate goal is to optimize your logistics balance sustainable. Commonly defined KPI show you time and cost savings.
We realize all claims. Each item is stored according to the customer- and project-specific conditions. Serial / lot number tracking, BBD and temperature monitoring are thereby so of course as special solutions for picking and packing.
For different requirements, we combine different storage systems, such as pallet racks, shelving storage racks, cantilever racks, operated manually or automatically, into a coherent overall solution.

With our offer you can save money. You avoid unnecessary non-core business activities, together with a complex handling. We increase effectiveness through the cross flexible use of capacity. Within the supply chain, we manage your processes and givs you the option to win new opportunities for business development.

We also realize operating unit transitions (§ 613 German Civil Code), integrate your staff or draw up a team of our own.

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